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“I’m taking a ride with my best friend!” If your MODE of travel is by air, Dr. Hervatic and travel expert Jamie will never let you down! Preparation is essential for an enjoyable, hassle-free trip. Minimally, a current health certificate (physical exam) and up-to-date vaccinations are recommended for domestic and international travel. Specific air travel requirements vary by airline and destination — and are subject to change.

International travel with your furry friend requires extra planning and paperwork. Dr. Hervatic is certified by the USDA to issue pet health certificates and can help to ensure your pet has all the necessary lab tests, deworming treatment, and vaccinations as required.

Don’t worry! We are here to help and will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Please complete the form below. We will email you information to clarify the USDA export, USDA import, Country, and Airline requirements.

Within 3 business days our travel specialist Jamie will contact you with next steps.

dogcatdoc Pet Travel Request Form

Thank you!

Your Contact & Destination Information

Your Veterinarian Information

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International Health Certificate Agreement

Regulations for a pet traveling outside of the continental United States is governed by the nation the pet is traveling to. Those regulations and requirements may change at anytime and without notice. The requirements and forms may be complex and may not be readily available to us. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to obtain written documentation of the requirements needed for the country of travel. These documents may be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the country of destination and may be available on the internet. Vaccination, microchip, deworming, and rabies titer requirements are especially important. If proper requirements are not completed and/or documents are improperly completed, the pet may be subject to additional costs including but not limited to additional treatments and/or quarantine period as required by the country of destination. We take our guidance from the United State Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS However, ultimately it is the pet owner's responsibility to insure all requirements have been completed correctly and in a timely manner. We make no claim of warranty, suitability or acceptability for international health certificate beyond our endorsement on the forms provided by the owner and/or the USDA APHIS website. We do not warranty in anyway that the form used is the correct form required by the nation or nations at the time of endorsement or at any time of travel. We do not warranty in any way that the pet will not be quarantined. We are not responsible for any costs associated with change of travel plans for owner or pet.
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