What I Do

Provide compassionate care for your dogs and cats including thorough in-home physical examinations, diagnostics and vaccinations when indicated, and preventative care such as high-quality diet recommendations, appropriate dental care, and routine parasite control.

House Call Services

  • New client exam

  • Annual exam

  • Sick pet exam

  • Senior pet exam

  • In home euthanasia

  • Phone consult

  • Vaccinations
  • Wound care
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Blood testing
  • Urinalysis & fecal exams
  • Ear cytology
  • Skin cytology
  • Fluid treatments
  • Pharmacy and med drop offs
  • Other treatments & procedures

Contact Info

(310) 780-9465


8am - 5pm

CLOSED Tuesday & Sunday


From Patients & Clients

“It was 9 am on a Monday and my cat RUFUS had gotten worse over the night. She was 20 years old and until recently had been in great health. Her age had just creep’d up on her and her body was shutting down. I couldn’t stand to see her in agony and decided it was time. Through VIP services I found Dr. Cynthia Hervatic. I called Dr. Hervatic and she was at my house within the hour. Her compassion radiated the second she walked into my house and immediately made me and RUFUS feel at ease. She explained the procedure step by step and prepared me for what would happen. I felt like I had a long time friend right by my side during one of the most difficult times of my life. How lucky was RUFUS and I to have found an angel for our last moment together.”

RUFUS & Chad

“We are so impressed with the level of care provided by Dr. Cynthia Hervatic for our senior dog. He has several health issues but now, with congestive heart failure added to the mix, we are so fortunate to have an intelligent and compassionate veterinarian who explains everything and takes the time to patiently answer all questions AND comes to our home–we couldn’t ask for better care for our dog. Dr. Hervatic requested and received all of our dog’s medical records (over 100 pages) and called us 48 hours after our first home visit with a complete analysis of our dog’s health and the underlying cause of his disease (an irresponsible level of allergy injections). She responds quickly to emails and is completely reliable. This is as good as it gets for veterinary care for our pets.”


“Dr. Hervatic is hands down the best vet in Los Angeles. I wish that we had discovered her sooner! Having her come to our house has been a game changer for our cat, RICK, who has a myriad of health issues.

A visit to the vet is a literal shit show – our cats will cry, poop, vomit, etc. to show their disapproval of the process. With Dr. Hervatic, the cats will sniff her bag, rub up against her, and generally just see her as one more set of hands to give them attention.

Dr. Hervatic is incredibly knowledgeable, communicative, and has a great sense of humor. Because she lives locally, she been kind enough to drop off meds for us, or stop by for a visit with very little notice. She was able to do a sedation and throat culture in our living room which resulted in a diagnosis for RICK that it seems every other vet missed. Once we found out, we were able to treat him correctly and so far he is the healthiest he has ever been.”

RICK THE CAT & Courtney

“Dr. Hervatic is the best vet ever in my opinion. She comes to your home for a very reasonable fee and spends as much time as it takes (usually a little over an hour). On her very first visit to my home she came prepared with all the vets records she could collect from my kitties’ previous vets. She also bought the medicine with her that she thought he might need….She did a very through exam and the best part is she showed me everything that washing on with him (my kitty had major dental disease)…….It was so much better than in a vets office because me and my guy were much more comfortable and it didn’t cost much more. I’ve never seen a vet for an hour or more …never…they cram too many animals into a little time frame…she takes as much time as is needed and is not hurried at all…..Her attention to details is wonderful and you know she really cares. Hope I never had to see another vet EVER!!!”

SUGAR & Keate

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